First off, thanks to everyone who made this possible, and thank you for voting in the tie breaker(which nearly need another tie breaker), now on to the winners

Drum roll please....

soraina_skye  for her response to the prompt Roasting Marshmallows

and our wonderful runner up for fanfiction is alchemyotaku75 for her response to the prompt Warm Woolly Sweater

On to FanArt:

The win goes to Yoporock for her response to Barefoot in the Grass

And our lovely runner up is lazyalchemist for her response to Heavy Winter Clothes

and for everyone, here are some icons and a banner:


Now, I'll be going through to unscreen the comments on the entries
Comments shouldn't be screened, please feel free to link to/post your work and leave comments! 

Don't hesitate to let me know if there is any kind of typo in your banner! 
cute winry

Tie breaker!

Okay, for fanart we have our winners, but there is quite the tie for the fanfic category.

So, if you would please pick two of the following and cast  your vote on this post, I'd be overjoyed to announce the winners.


You have until 9 pm  PDST (GMT-7)(January 10th) to vote on this post, after which I will (as long as we don't have another tie) be posting the results.


sorry for the delay, my computer decided to be uncooperative. 

Here's a list of the entries, please vote by letter.

We have 6 beautiful fanarts:

Fanart A
Fanart B
Fanart C
Fanart D
Fanart E
Fanart F

And 14 wonderful fanfictions

Fanfiction A
Fanfiction B
Fanfiction C
Fanfiction D
Fanfiction E
Fanfiction F
Fanfiction G
Fanfiction H
Fanfiction I
Fanfiction J
Fanfiction K
Fanfiction L
Fanfiction M
Fanfiction N

Voting should be based on the following:


1. Portrayal of Ed/Winry
2. Composition (i.e., do you think the artist did a good job portraying the subject matter?)
3. Use of prompt
4. Content of illustration (i.e., is it pleasing? Balanced? The colors convey what you think the artist is wanting you to see?)


1. Portrayal of Ed/Winry
2. Composition (i.e., use of English language, sentence structure, etc.)
3. Use of prompt
4. Content of story (i.e., are the characters "in-character"? Does the storyline make sense?)

Note: Prompts are  the subject line and the cut text of each entry

Please vote for only two in each category (art/fic). All comments to this entry are screened, which means this post is where you vote. Anonymous comments are allowed, however, I do IP tracking on, so no stuffing ballets, plzkthx.

You have until Saturday, January 9th at midnight PDST(GMT-7,) {which is the time of the live streaming of the next episode of Brotherhood, if that helps clear up confusion}

What are you waiting for? Go vote!

Also, comments to all entries have been screened to help keep authors/artists anonymous. If you'd like to comment anonymously I will unscreen anonymous comments. If you spot a typo in your entry and want me to fix it, just drop me a line.