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Fire & Ice 2009

An EdWin Challenge

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Fire & Ice Challenge 2009

The original idea for this contest created by lyrangalia in 2007 and carried on by evil_little_dog in 2008 at fireandice2008

And it’s what, again?

A month-long creative contest, focusing on the relationship between Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell.

Why Fire and Ice?

Originally, lyrangalia thought that it would be a nice idea to use both “summer” and “winter” prompts so everyone in both hemispheres would feel comfortable in playing. I will be following that concept in that the prompts offered are inspired by hot and cold but not necessarily any particular time of the year. You, as a participant, will have the chance to choose whichever of the two prompts offered.

Interested? Cool! Check out the Rules Borrowed and modified from last year’s rules:

1) Each submission must be an original idea for the chosen prompt. Meaning that your entry can't have been submitted elsewhere, and, of course, that it is your own.
2) Do not post your submission anywhere until the results of the contest have been posted.
3) The submission deadline is December 30th 2009 @ 12:00 A.M. PDST
4) Submissions must be in the form of high quality JPEG files for fanart and HTML files for fanfiction, sent to causmicfire86@ca(dot)rr(dot)com by the deadline listed above to be considered. The email header should read, “Ed/Winry Fire & Ice 2009 Challenge by [LJ username here]/[author](for those without a lj account)”.
5)It is not mandatory to be a livejournal user to participate, all I'll need is a way to contact you in order to provide the prompts.

For Fanfiction:

1) Your story must be a one-shot at least 500 words long.
2) Your story will be voted on by the public with the following criteria:
*English language construction (i.e., is it readable?)
*Story content
*Ed/Winry portrayal (“in character”)
*Incorporation/use of prompt
3) Your story must be rated PG-13 or below.
4)Please provide a short summary and rating in your e-mail.

For Fanart:

1) Your art must be at least 500x500 and may use any medium, as long as it’s presented digitally.
2) Your art will be voted on by the public on the following criteria:
*Quality of art
*Ed/Winry portrayal
*Incorporation/use of prompt
3) Your art must be rated PG-13 or below.

So you want to play?

To enter, respond to the challenge post with the following:

LJ username you’ll be entering under
Category (Fanfic or Fanart)
Email address

Starting November 22, 2009, the participants will receive an email with two prompts. You must choose one of the prompts for your submission. Anyone may enter up until December 6th, 2009, but remember, the later you enter, the less time you have to work on your submission. Depending on the volume of submissions, all submissions will be posted to the community anonymously for voting within a week of the deadline.If possible, I'm hoping to have the submissions posted by midnight PDST on the 31st.

Voting guidelines and deadline post will follow shortly after the submission posts.

Lastly: Since I want to play, too, I’ll be asking someone not involved in the competition to provide me with a pair of prompts following the parameters of the challenge.

Good Luck!

Many Thanks to evil_little_dog for her help in getting this going and prompt-making!